Today’s Menu

Roast turkey smothered in resentment gravy
Fuck you flank steaks with a bitter tears reduction
Accompanied by garlic infused destroyed dreams potatoes
(your choice of mashed or baked)
and string beans with an apathetic demi glace

Wine selections include:
Vintage Judgement Merlot
Sweet Hostility Riesling
and Shame Filled Port

Dessert selections:
Critical Filled Cherry Pie
Triple Self-Loathing Chocolate Layer Cake
and Screaming Match Pecan Pie

Gradma’s famous pumpkin pie will not be available after the incident of 2016 


Murder Your Sweet Memory

You are dead to me, your corpse lays bloated in the distance as I walk away, leaving your sweet memory bleeding on the gray concrete walkway.  Oh, but I was not the one who killed you, I just enjoyed the results of your murder.

For all those times you left me bleeding, severed arteries begging for mercy, shame causing me to curl fetal on the bed, I still loved all your sweet lies.  The lies you whispered through the smoke curling from your lips, like Adam feeding Eve the apple.

Oh, but you thought you broke me.  Your arrogance let you believe you broke me, when you left me bleeding, stripped me of all decency and humanity.  The only thing you broke was my ability to love.  To trust.  Which is why I am not there to revive you, to save your soul, to lift your broken body from the pavement.

You turned me into your Barbie, your doll, perfection never met.  But my body did not break despite the twists you attempted.  You ask why I can touch others with my words, why I can paint pictures so beautiful and bright yet dark and full of hurt.  In those sleepless hours between nightmare and daydreams your corpse burned in my mind, your sweet memory, left me hollow.

Your attempts to fill that hollow space with hatred, twisted darkness, left me standing.  It left me reaching, bleeding out the pain of others, to fix what you broke.  So, dear brother, I thank you for making me feel guilty, it made it easy to murder your sweet memory.

While the world burns, while its axis wobbles, I am left, unable to breath, from the heaving sobs that escape unexpectedly at the sudden freedom.  Thank you for chasing me from my home, for forcing me to stand alone.  Thank you for making me.

For you see, dear one, if it were not for your sweet, depraved memory it would not have been so easy to watch you die.  I might have taken pity when I saw your broken body on the ground, bleeding, gasping for air, after the car struck you.  I might have held your head in my lap, softly brushing your hair while the ambulance wailed through the dark, rain soaked avenues.

Even as I stood over you, watching your eyes beg for mercy, I could smell your lies.  You wanted my touch, in your last moments, my tenderness.  You forgot you made me.  You forgot the hollow doll with the pretty green eyes can smile through any pain.  I told you so, I told you I would not be there to revive, I told you I would be the one to say I told you so.

While your last breath escapes your false lips, I say good-bye, severing the heart and leave your corpse behind.  The blinking lights echo off the rain soaked streets and I am the one left standing while your corpse fills the undertakers hearse.


Cheers motherfucker!

I know this isn’t happy news
but I ain’t shouting despite the humor
I’m drunk on the revelation
wrapped in inspiration disguised as depression
and the world doesn’t revolve around you despite your beliefs
the world doesn’t revolve around you

Cheers motherfucker

The infotainment reports unhappy news today
but I ain’t hiding behind euphemisms
I’m baked on the goddamn reclamation
cloaked in liberation disguised as submission
and my world resists your hubris despite your insistence
my world doesn’t revolve with your permission

Cheers motherfucker

We Can’t Have Nice Things

I want you to smile
as you fall to your knees
I want to taser you to submission
as my mind expands with realization
I want the hallucinogenic to take me away
from your narcissistic phantasmagoria

I feel stunned with the absurd
the filthy rumors and drama
tainting any inspiration
take me away
take me away
from the sycophantic lucre
I cannot sell my creativity for money any more

I want you to laugh
as your world crumbles
I want to show you reality
as your mind implodes with consciousness
I want to destroy you
for breaking me like a sacrifice on the altar of productivity

Trick or Treat

I fell, like Alice, through the hole
without a rabbit at the end
way down into the lingering silence and heat
of the circles, the circles of purgatory

Visiting each level, way down, a traveler of time
a soul of all ages answering the bay of the hounds
their fangs dripping with saliva and the vital fluids
of eras and their eternal struggle between conscious and sublime

And there at the bottom, the lowest level, where the worst sinners torment lies
I danced with your shadow among the bonfire and bones
embracing the seduction of abandonment
a wild creature without constraints
howling with the haunting and hallucinations
accepting treats for tricks


She chewed my bones breaking them open with pointed teeth to suck the marrow.
The full moon hung low and swollen
like the maggots writhing in my flesh.

I was helpless

Her fingers greasy with my fat melting on the spit turning over the flames.
The starless sky black and distended
like my rotting abdomen filled with the gasses of death.

I was nothing

She supped on my heart with blackened tongue.
The clouds drifted careless and puffed
like the remnants of my life torn apart for one last meal.